October 19, 2014

Sometimes everything you want is just to try out something new and to prove yourself that you’re capable of doing that what you’ve never done before.

What I did is this box called ''IN BETWEEN''.


The idea was to create something what would clearly express the feeling of being in between of something. It doesn’t matter what it is: you can be in between the time (asking yourself is it now past or is it already future?); or you can find yourself doubting your feelings (do you love or do you hate?); you can also try to understand what’s happening between the sheets of paper where is actually no space but also maybe enough space for… something.

My project can be explained in two ways:

First, it shows the difference and the similarity of human feelings. The box looks inviting and cosy; it asks you touch it because of its nice texture – fur. You feel like there’s no reason why it could be dangerous. As soon as you look inside it your feelings reverse. There are so many needles and screws! You feel fear and you most likely would run away. This box reminds me of a wild animal, which looks fascinating but you wouldn’t want to touch it, neither would you try to come closer, because you know that behind this beautiful outside hides something that could hurt you.
Secondly, my project shows how one item can have three different sizes and what’s between them.

---       The normal size of this box: it’s 60x70x70cm.
2-       As soon as you put your head in the box, you will see all those needles and screws (the box was presented on the four high pedestals so you could watch inside it from underneath). All you feel is that the box suddenly becomes so tight that there’s almost not enough space for your head in it. You could suffer from claustrophobic feelings there.
3-      And finally, the light goes on (I montaged the LED light with motion sensor inside the box) and you see all those mirrors around you and how they reflect each other creating endless spaces. The box gains an undefinable size that is clearly a lot bigger that the actual size of it.

But it is only my idea of understanding this project, only one version of explaining the feeling which this box creates. In the end it is only the box, you in front of it and no given explanation. Maybe it confuses you, maybe you will laugh and go away, or maybe you will try so hard to understand it that you’ll find out something new. 

Anyway, I’m absolutely sure that this project inspires you by asking more questions than giving you answers.

IN BETWEEN, 60x70x70cm, various materials (wood, glass, metal, fur), 2014, Berlin

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