October 12, 2014

Old photographs are memories which are caught moments that should never end. Sadly, often we are not sure anymore to whom they belong. Watching them is like living others’ lives somehow. Imagining your grandma with your grandpa, how they met, how they fell in love, how everything was back in those days…  

Watching those photographs over and over again and thinking that I should do something big with them brought me to the idea to dedicate at least one of my artworks for my grandparents.

I guess I was already living with similar thoughts of creating something fascinating with these memories so that they will stay a bit longer, longer than one person can remember.  Thus they will reach people, which have nothing to do with these memories. And also those other people will imagine new stories of them and lives different from the one they had lived. That’s the way how memories can live one life after another.  That’s how they can always stay alive just like true love does.

So our ancestors could live a billion different lives if we let them.

GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS, silk-screen printing, A4, 2014, Berlin

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