January 13, 2015

For me an artwork could be called an artwork, only if it has a soul. The artwork must be able to speak with the viewer and the viewer must be able to feel the emotion of the work without words.

It doesn't mean that everyone should feel the same about the artwork, it only means that it's important to feel something when you're looking at it. If you don't feel anything, it isn't good enough for you. 

At my latest work I tried to create unexpected spaces by combining colours, surfaces and patterns. I began my work with a photograph which I took last summer. The portrait of my friend Gabriele sitting in the library and drinking coffee lead me to the idea to play with different colours and watch how the emotion of the moment changes. I experimented a lot, I learned so much just by trying different things and I can't say that I'm done now. The aim of my work wasn't to have someting done.

I was painting to learn and to grow, like I always do. 

COLOURS, SURFACES & PATTERNS, 30 pieces, 59x84 cm, 2014, Berlin

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